The Fatkini revolution, will you take part?

by The Curvy Diva on May 13, 2012

Vogue Curvy has described it as a political act; some don’t like the term but wholeheartedly agree with this ‘phenomenon’. What am I talking about? Fatkini. Now,Fatkini is not a plus size bikini but girls who are taking back the right to wear a bikini proudly without feeling like they need to cover up. Fatkini girls want to show their bodies as they are, the bodies of happy, confident people.


Society expects fat girls to cover up on the beach or by the pool. Well not anymore. Fatkini girls are shedding the layers to wear their cutest bikinis and taking photos to post on sites such as such asfatkini tumblr.

One site, Fatkini Riot has a great manifesto clearly outlining the reasons why one should reject society’s expectations of a larger woman on the beach or by the pool:

We claim our bodily autonomy. We keep our naughty bits covered, but that’s about it. So you have a belly. Stretch marks. A funny mole. A scar. So you’ve had kids. So you’re a straight-up fatty, like me. You’ll never be any younger or more gorgeous than you are right now, today, in this very moment. Embrace it.

Well known plus size bloggers are getting behind this movement. Gabi Fresh is inspiring many girls to get out their bikini this summer. She writes:

I truly encourage you guys to get to the beach (or a pool) this summer–don’t let body shame keep you from having a good time! I don’t expect everyone to feel comfortable in a two piece, but hopefully I can inspire some of you to take the plunge. I can’t tell you how freeing it is to just have fun without worrying about what other people think.

fatkini The Fatkini revolution, will you take part?

Other plus size bloggers are in full support of the Fatkini ideals but err on the side of caution. Queen Sized Flava does not believe everyone can where a bikini. She feels a bikini must fit correctly and that girls should go to the gym to firm up their thighs and butts in order to look their best in a bikini.

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